A Spring evening in Paris, 1913 — Inside a dazzlingly new theater, and only several minutes into a ballet debut, the auditorium lights were suddenly switched on.

What began as aristocrats whispering disapproval at the stage, escalated into an uproar, as bourgeoise audience members and music critics defended the performance. Eventually the dancers could no longer follow the beat, forcing the choreographer to guide them from off stage.

In the composer’s own words, he stood up and shouted over the din, “Go to hell!” before storming out of the theater.

The ballet was the debut of The Rite of Spring…

Photo by Koshu Kunii on Unsplash

It troubles you and weighs on your conscience — the police killing of George Floyd and ensuing eruption of outrage gathered in the streets across the world. Also, perhaps there is some commingled discomfort. In the remote work of the Covid-19 era, you realize how easy it was to forget how few were the Black faces in the office.

You want to issue an affirming statement showing your solidarity for racial equity and support against police brutality. Maybe, too, mention plans to improve diversity within your organization. …

April Garrido Wright

Change Amplifier | Just & Climate-Resilient Futures | Marzipan Enthusiast

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