I can see certain countries becoming highly interracially mixed. Otherwise billions of people globally have to be highly mobile in order to be inter-racially reproduce. That won’t work for a number reasons but two being logistics plus not everyone or every group will want to intermix for racist, religious, ethnic, or cultural reasons.

If not racism and/or colorism then something else.

Reminds me of “The Sneetches” by Dr. Seuss about Sneetches with stars and the Sneetches without stars. A machine exists that removes or adds stars. You can guess the rest. The ending was unrealistic (they realize stars/no stars doesn’t make them better or worse and spontaneously stopped being dicks to each other.)

Ingroup/outgroup behavior will live on in our village-brains to some degree and in some distinguishing characteristic.

And no — it’s not looking to good that people will be around as a species — at least on Earth but the universe in general — for thousands of years more.

Change Amplifier | Just & Climate-Resilient Futures | Marzipan Enthusiast | www.aprilgarridowright.com

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